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The purpose of this activity is to improve the capacity and quality of U.S. screening physicians performing regulatory required medical examinations for foreign nationals who want to adjust from a temporary status to a lawful permanent resident status (immigrant visa applicants, nonimmigrant visa applicants and refugees). It will also formally teach civil surgeons the examination requirements to increase their knowledge base, improve exam quality and increase their overall efficiency.

The new panel physician orientation eLearning module is intended to provide newer panel physicians and their staff with current information about implementing the U.S. immigrant medical examinations, specifically proper implementation of the Technical Instructions.  Also, information about the role of a panel physician, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, US Consular Officer, and important contact information and resources will be presented in this online eLearning module.

The virtual peer-to-peer site visit allows for a larger audience to train and network within a virtual setting to address any gaps and receive further education about Technical Instructions and proper implementation. A champion panel site will demonstrate how they conduct immigrant medical examinations and apply the Technical Instructions.

The U.S. Government resettles thousands of immigrants and refugees annually. Immigrants and refugees are vulnerable populations who may have more limited access to preventive and curative health care services in their countries of origin, which can lead to health disparities and excess burden on resettlement communities. In the U.S., screening physicians require training to improve the capacity and quality of medical examinations for immigrants and refugees.

Panel physicians and civil surgeons conduct health assessments of these immigrants. It is critically important that these practitioners should be well trained in current screening guidelines (CDC’s Technical Instructions).

The goal of this course is to support the worldwide roster of contracted panel physicians and designated civil surgeons by sharing the CDC’s COVID-19 Technical Instructions and other standards of screening, care, and practice management, including the newly implemented CDC’s global COVID response guidelines.

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